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The Dead Sheriff: Zombie Damnation by Mark Justice; EvilEye Books; 2012; 207 pgs; $9.00 US

Mark Justice’s latest book The Dead Sheriff: Zombie Damnation exists in an alternate Old West populated by the sort of vigilante-with-a-sidekick popularized by radio serials and pulp magazines, epitomized by such notable characters as The Lone Ranger and The Cisco … Continue reading

We Interrupt This Author #11: John Hornor Jacobs

Well, it’s been a long time.  I know you’ve missed me – what?  You didn’t realize I’ve been  away?  Oh, thanks a lot. You guys are real pals. The eleventh interruptee is a relatively new author, Arkansan John Hornor Jacobs.  … Continue reading

We Interrupt This Author #10: Kealan Patrick Burke

Kealan Patrick Burke, a native of Dungarvan, Ireland now transplanted to the American Midwest, is recognized as one of the few writers in the horror field who produces work of consistently high literary quality.  His collections RAVENOUS GHOSTS and THE … Continue reading

Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell; Rocket Ride Books; 2009; 168 pgs; $15.95 US

Although his name is not as recognizable as Heinlein, Asimov or Clarke, few were as influential in the development of science fiction as John W. Campbell, who shaped the genre as editor of Astounding magazine from 1937 to 1971.  Although … Continue reading

KINCAID: A Paranormal Casebook by William F. Nolan; Rocket Ride Books; 2011; 212 pgs; $15.95 US

In 1972, legendary writer William F. Nolan (Logan’s Run) wrote a pilot for Dan Curtis Productions (Dark Shadows) about a private investigator who took cases with supernatural angles.  The series was to be called The Norliss Tapes, and like a … Continue reading

We Interrupt This Author #9: Christopher Golden

Welcome to my ninth interview in this series, my second for Horror World.  Like the first, this one sat on the shelf for a bit, so it’s not as timely as I’d like.  The next installment should see the series … Continue reading

Valley of the Scarecrow by Gord Rollo; Dark Regions Press; 2010; 236 pgs; $50.00 US

Valley of the Scarecrow was one of the books in the pipeline at Leisure when it underwent its reorganization. Published by Leisure/Dorchester as an e-book, it is now available from Dark regions Press in a handsome limited edition. Seventy-five years … Continue reading

We Interrupt This Author #8: T. M. Wright

After a brief hiatus, We Interrupt This Author has returned. My column has migrated, as you can tell, from the Cemetery Dance website to Horror World. I’ve long admired Horror World, and I’m honored to be a small part of … Continue reading