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About JG Faherty

JG Faherty has had a varied career (some might say odd), which provides a rich background for his writing. Currently the owner of, he has previously worked as a laboratory manager, R&D scientist, accident scene photographer, zoo keeper, salesman, and anatomy instructor. A life-long fan of horror and dark fiction, JG enjoys reading, watching movies, golfing and hiking with his wife and dogs, volunteering as an exotic animal caretaker, and playing the guitar. His favorite holiday is Halloween (naturally), and as a child, one of his local playgrounds was an 18th century cemetery. JG’s first novel, CARNIVAL OF FEAR, was released in 2010; his second, GHOSTS OF CORONADO BAY, was released in 2011. Early 2012 will see the release of THE CEMETERY CLUB. His other credits include more than two dozen short stories in major genre magazines and anthologies, as well as a variety of poetry, non-fiction, and educational material that has been published over the past 10 years. If you see him at a horror convention, feel free to buy him a Guinness. You can visit him at,, and www.facebook/jgfaherty.

Crooked Hills by Collen Bunn; Earwig Press; 2011; 246 pgs; $13.95 US

Imagine if the Hardy Boys really did investigate supernatural mysteries. And if the books were geared for today’s more savvy readers. That’s what you get with Crooked Hills, the first in a series of YA books focusing on the adventures … Continue reading

It Drinks Blood by J.F. Gonzalez; Delirium Books; 2011; 170 pgs; $25.00 US

I have to admit, the title of J.F. Gonazalez’s latest book fooled me. I knew right from the cover that it was going to be in the vein of pulp fiction, but because of his previous books Clickers and Clickers … Continue reading