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About Dave Simms

Author of several published short stories, Dave sold his first YA dark fantasy novel (releasing in June 2013). After being paroled from New Jersey, he moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He began reviewing for Hell Notes before seeing the light and switching to Horror World, Monster Librarian, FearNet, and of course, Cemetery Dance. A psychologist, teacher, and professor by day, guitarist & ring leader for The Slushpile (band of writers including F Paul Wilson, Heather Graham, and Alex Sokoloff) by night. He lives with Horror World film reviewer (and wife) Trudi, 2 furballs, and a son who's due to enter this world in February.

Darkness Ad Infinitum by Edited by Shawna Bernard, Matt Edginton, Alandice A. Anderson, & Parker Michael; Villipede Publications; 2014; 312 pgs; $14.19 US

Each year, anthologies hit the shelves in greater numbers which tends to water down the quality of the stories and stretches themes into mere suggestions. Not everyone can be Ellen Datlow or Paula Guran and cull the best stories from … Continue reading

Fear City by F. Paul Wilson; Tor; 2014; 368 pgs; $25.99 US

When a good childhood friend moves away, one doesn’t want to admit you will likely never see him or her again, never create new good times, or experience wild new adventures. Sometimes, the chance is given to relish those last … Continue reading

The Boneyard by Keith Minnion; Bad Moon Books; 2014; 320 pgs; $35 Hardcover. $18.95 TPB US

Creative souls often are fluent in one medium and dabble in others. Authors play in bands, musicians paint, artists write stories and poetry. Yet usually, to find an individual who shows not just proficiency but magic is a rare event. Keith … Continue reading

Double Feature: A Novel by Owen King; Gauntlet Press; 2014; 448 pgs; $65 Signed Numbered Edition (signature by King & Scott Snyder) US

There’s another King in the house. Seriously? First, the father of modern horror and all things best-selling, Stephen Then wife Tabitha hit the scene and showed she was a force to be reckoned with. Joe Hill follows with his own brand … Continue reading

Never Alone by C.J. Carpenter; Midnight Ink; 2014; 360 pgs; $11.97 TPB US

Detectives, serial killers, and family business. What’s new to say or do in the mystery/thriller genre that hasn’t already been done to death a million time? Thankfully, debut author C.J. Carpenter has entered the ring with NEVER ALONE, a book … Continue reading

Blind Vengence by Barry Hoffman; Borderlands Press; 2014; 303 pgs; $40 Signed Limited US

Quality dark female characters in fiction are very rare to encounter.Turning that character into a believable positive force takes a skill that few writers can pull off without having the reader bail out. Back in 1997, Barry Hoffman produced one … Continue reading

Black Static Magazine #38-39; TTA Press; 2014; 96 pgs; $47.56 6 issue subscription US

BLACK STATIC #38-39 Once again, for those who have forgotten about my reviews of the best international magazine of dark fiction, pay close attention.  Very few magazines are worth the price of subscription – ever.  This is the exception (other … Continue reading

PHOENIX ISLAND by John Dixon; Gallery Books; 2014; 320 pgs; $15.92 US

When your first novel becomes the inspiration for a hit television series, you know you’re onto something big. John Dixon’s PHOENIX ISLAND is a bit of mutt- part YA story, part adult horror/scifi.  However, it’s 100% great.  Of course, readers will … Continue reading

Dark Arts by Thomas F. Monteleone; Thunderstorm Books; 2013; $75.00 US

In the introduction to the author’s first collection since FEARFUL SYMMETRIES, Jack Ketchum notes that Thomas Monteleone always uses the voice which is best suited to the story. If the reader has ever had the pleasure of witnessing Mr. Monteleone … Continue reading

The Heavens Rise by Christopher Rice; Gallery Books; 2013; 337 pgs; $25.99 US

When does an author step out of his mentor’s (or parent’s) shadow and bask in a praise that is well deserved and earned on his own merit?  Christopher Rice’s readers just might forget who his mother is after THE HEAVENS … Continue reading