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Darkeva reviews horror and dark fantasy fiction at Darkeva's Dark Delights. Some of her favourite writers include Clive Barker, Anne Rice, Tom Piccirilli, Thomas Sniegoski, Simon R. Green, Richard Kadrey, Edgar Allan Poe, and many more.

Enter, Night by Michael Rowe; Chizine ; 2011; 341 pgs; $17.95 CAN

Small town horror used to be a stable of the genre, particularly in the 1970s and early 80s, and although it’s making something of a comeback these days, particularly through small press publications, I’ve usually experienced it through one lens: … Continue reading

Shock Totem Issue 4 by K. Allen Wood, Ed; Shock Totem Press; 2011; 131 pgs; $6.99 US

Shock Totem Issue 4 is packed with great fiction, insightful editorials, and thoughtful reviews, as with its predecessors, but this one in particular is a strong offering with entries from Wechston Ochse (pronounced “oaks”) and Lee Thompson, two of my … Continue reading

Through Shattered Glass by David B. Silva; Kindle Edition ; 2011; 246 pgs; $4.99 US

First published ten years ago by Gauntlet Press, Through Shattered Glass is a collection of short stories from horror writer David B. Silva comprised of his works that have appeared across such publications as Cemetery Dance and The Year’s Best … Continue reading

Shock Totem Volume 3 by K. Allen Wood, Ed; Shock Totem Magazine; 2011; 142 pgs; $6.99 US

This issue starts off with an editorial from editor-in-chief K. Allen Wood, on the changes in the publishing industry and a move to embracing digital formats. He’s of the mind that ebooks will be a large part of the future … Continue reading