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Born and raised in The Bronx, New York, I currently reside in Upstate New York, with my beautiful Wife, two wonderful kids, and more comics, DVD's and Horror novels than any one person should own.

Kumquat by Jeff Strand; 2014; 265 pgs; $3.99 (Digital), $9.99 (Paperback) US

There are not many authors that I like enough that I would read a romantic comedy. Jeff Strand is one of the rare breed that I would follow anywhere, though. So when I found out that his latest, KUMQUAT, is, … Continue reading

Pumpkin Cinema: The Best Movies For Halloween by Nathaniel Tolle; Schiffer Books; 2014; 176 pgs; $24.99 US

It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiime…of the year!!!  I love Halloween. I mean, I LOOOOVE HALLOWEEN. I’m not one of those “Go nuts and decorate the entire house and piss off your whole neighborhood” Halloween lovers, but I am one of … Continue reading

The Wake by Scott Snyder (Author), Sean Murphy (Illustrator); DC Comics; 2014; 258 pgs; $24.99 US

Once in a while, a book comes along that makes you question all that you hold dear. “Was that a work of genius, and I’m retarded…? Or was that a bunch of crap, and I’m still as smart as I … Continue reading

Dark Screams, Volume One by Stephen King, Kelley Armstrong, Bill Pronzini, Simon Clark, Ramsey Campbell; Hydra; 2014; $2.99 (E-book) US

DARK SCREAMS, VOLUME ONE is the first e-book in a planned series, featuring new short stories by noteworthy Horror authors, as well as a handful of rarely-seen classic tales.  This initial volume features five stories, four of them brand new, … Continue reading

Horror Library, Volume 5 by Edited by R.J. Cavender & Boyd E. Harris; Cutting Block Press; 2013; 352 pgs; $16.95 US

Anthologies are generally a mixed bag, and reader reaction will vary depending on the authors involved, the stories selected, and the vagaries of personal taste. Horror Library, Volume 5 has some outstanding stories, but, for the most part, this particular … Continue reading

Ghost Heart by Weston Ochse and Yvonne Navarro; Dark Regions Press; 2014; 167 pgs; $14.95 US

A young boy embarks on a heroic quest to save his parents crumbling marriage in GHOST HEART, the new Young Adult novel by Weston Ochse and Yvonne Navarro. Ochse and Navarro are best known as horror authors, but they’ve teamed … Continue reading

Monster & Madman by Steve Niles (Writer), Damien Worm (Illustrator); IDW Publishing; 2014; 104 pgs; $17.99 US

Steve Niles is forever a mystery to me. The man had one (ONE!) great idea (30 DAYS OF NIGHT), which was thoroughly destroyed by terrible execution, yet he continues to hack out awful work, regurgitating other (Better) stories, and he … Continue reading

The Wraith: Welcome To Christmasland by Joe Hill (Author), Charles Paul Wilson III (Artist); IDW Publishing; 2014; 172 pgs; $29.99 US

Joe Hill’s creepy antagonist Charles Talent Manx III, villain of his brilliant novel NOS4A2 returns for a prequel/origin story in IDW’s The Wraith: Welcome To Christmasland. I really can’t stress enough what a huge “Get” this book is for IDW. … Continue reading

Piercing The Darkness: A Charity Anthology for The Children’s Literacy Initiative by Edited by Craig Cook; Necro Publications; 2014; 424 pgs; $15.95 US

I’m a sucker for a charity anthology, and when one comes along with a line-up of talent like this, you’d think it’d be a pretty safe bet that it’d be a good read, right? Wrong. This was not a good … Continue reading

Deep Like The River by Tim Waggoner; Dark regions Press; 2014; 76 pgs; $10.95 (Paperback), 2.99 (Digital) US

Following the tragic death of her infant daughter and the subsequent collapse of her marriage, Allie is taken on a canoeing day-trip by her sister Carin, with bonding and emotional healing being the order of the day. The pair are … Continue reading