Take a listen, and scare yourself with the Lullabies on this interactive map, here: https://www.mattressonline.co.uk/quiz/creepy-lullabies/

The World’s Creepiest Lullabies include:

  • Iceland’s famous lullaby ‘Bíum Bíum Bambaló’s title is said to be the name of whatever waits outside, lurking for those who do not stay in bed.
  • We all know the phrase ‘babes in the wood’, well this originated from the Australian lullaby, which actually is a jolly ode, enchanting children with a tale of two young children left to fend for themselves in a wood. And then dying…
  • Children growing up in Russia and Belarus are unlikely to sleep close to the edge of the bed, due to the song ‘Bayu Bayushki Bayu’ warning of a wolf which will drag children into the woods if they are too close to the edge.
  • A popular lullaby in Haiti, ‘Dodo Titi’ is also improvised by parents trying to off to sleep. In classic lullaby fashion, the wide-awake child is warned to get some sleep to prevent ‘the crab’ from eating them.
  • An innocent highland fairy lullaby from Scotland may be expectionally beautiful on th ears, but the lyrics are quite the opposite. Although there is no big bad wolf that comes and steal the baby away, the Highland Fairy appears to be a baby snatcher, operating whilst the parents are away.

Have you ever noticed the connection between lullabies and Halloween before?

Read the lyrics and more information here: https://www.mattressonline.co.uk/blog/family/revealed-the-worlds-creepiest-lullabies/