thumbnail_george-scared-of-the-dark.jpgJourney across a spooky-yet-beautiful world to help George the Ghost confront his fears in George: Scared of the Dark — now available on iOS. Get ready to power through 10 procedurally-generated levels in this ghostly trek through parts unknown …

Developed by one-man studio Wall WestGeorge: Scared of the Dark may look charming (and even cute), but it’s also surprisingly difficult. Can you help George reach the lighthouse and discover who lives in the small cottage so that he can (finally!) find the courage he needs?

If you need help along the way, make sure to grab the skulls scattered across each level to unlock the Jumper, Overshield, and Fireborn power-ups. Collect enough skulls and you can unlock three additional characters to come along for the ride!

Make no mistake: This is a challenging game — even by classic platformer standards. There is no easy mode. We might say it’s “do or die”…

“I created George: Scared of the Dark for platforming fans who were itching for a real challenge,” says Alex Petlenko, founder of Wall West. “ George delivers that and more — including a narrative about facing and conquering your fears. Come for the gameplay and stay for the story :)”

Key Features

l  Adventure through 10 tough procedurally-generated levels

l  Choose from 3 power-up abilities essential for George’s survival

l  Unlock 3 additional characters

l  Enjoy intuitive touch and swipe controls for precise platforming

l  Uncover a heartwarming story about conquering fears — along with an unusual ending!

Pricing & Availability

George: Scared of the Dark is now available for download on the App Store (iPhone only). The game can also be installed on iPad via compatibility mode. George: Scared of the Dark retails for $1.99.

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