The latest season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is in the middle of Season 8! Funko is excited to announce a new Pop! Keychain and series of Pop! for AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Pop! Keychain: The Walking Dead – Negan

Take Negan with you on the go! Negan is holding his beloved Lucille, now featured as a Pop! Keychain.

Coming in February!

Pop! Television: The Walking Dead

This series features “King” of the Kingdom, Ezekiel and soldier Richard, The Sanctuary’s chief engineer Eugene, and Sasha – she’s a sharpshooter who is a proven survivor.

Rounding out the series is a new version of Negan! Shown clean shaven with a bit of blood splatter, holding his lovely Lucille.

Collect them all this Winter!

A walker version of Sasha will be available on Funko Shop!

Look for Daryl in his prison suit!

Find him exclusively at FYE!

Coming in February!