fright-night-30th-anniversary-soundtravkNight Fever Music is proud to announce the 30th Anniversary release of Fright Night- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Columbia Pictures released Fright Night to theaters in 1985, becoming one of the top grossing horror films of the year. Starring William Ragsdale, Chris Sarandon, Roddy McDowall, Amanda Bearse and Stephen Geoffreys, Fright Night has become one of the most beloved cult films in the genre

The soundtrack is anchored by hitmakers the J. Geils Band, whose single “Fright Night” leads off the album. Joining the band are numerous new wave rockers of the day, most notably Devo with the electro-funk of “Let’s Talk,” along with former Mott The Hoople mainstay Ian Hunter with his synth-heavy “Good Man In A Bad Time.” Influential art rock duo Sparks provide “Armies Of The Night,” while R&B powerhouse Evelyn “Champagne” King keeps the fun going with the energetic “Give It Up.” Autograph contributes “You Can’t Hide From The Beast Inside”, White Sister supplies the dramatic “Save Me Tonight.” Canadian rockers April Wine offers up “Rock Myself To Sleep” (written by members of Katrina and The Waves). Also included is “Boppin’ Tonight” by Fabulous Fontaines and a vocal version of the track “Come To Me” by composer Brad Fiedel. The instrumental version of the latter is used as part of the haunting score throughout the film. A soundtrack for Fright Night was originally released in 1985 on Private I Records and has since become highly sought-after by collectors and horror fans.

This newly remastered deluxe edition is pressed on 180 Gram, Blue/White Evil-Haze colored vinyl and limited to 2000 copies. A very limited edition of 200, 180 Gram, Blue Glow-In-The-Dark colored vinyl are available while they last. Also a third version of the soundtrack is available, a special Picture Disc LP featuring the original 1985 poster artwork. All are ready to order now exclusively in our web store.

“Fright Night”- J. Geils Band
“You Can’t Hide From The Beast Inside”- Autograph
“Good Man In A Bad Time” – Ian Hunter
“Rock Myself To Sleep”- April Wine
“Let’s Talk”- Devo
“Armies Of The Night”- Sparks
“Give It Up”- Evelyn “Champagne” King
“Save Me Tonight”- White Sister
“Boppin’ Tonight”- Fabulous Fontaines
“Come To Me”- Brad Fiedel

Celebrating the film’s 30th Anniversary, a documentary is coming in 2016 entitled You’re so cool, Brewster! The Story Of Fright Night, including behind the scenes footage and stories from the cast and crew.

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