Life is lousy when you’re a preacher… erm um, an exorcist priest who must face the most iconic bad guys of the horror genre. Not only that, you’ve lost your memory and your skills. Jesus! Fortunately, you have your trusty dusty Bible, a sharp wooden stake, a revolver, and the phone number to the pope, who will do everything for you.

Fat Dog Games and CATastrophe Games would like to present a game that is reminiscent of your favorite horror movies, books, and games, and it’s hilarious. The reality in which the Werewolf King, the Great Old One, Satan, and Sadako from The Ring establish a joint anti-world club, cannot be serious.

The retired exorcist will undertake a mission to save the world, which will lead to witty dialogues, funny plot twists, and an interesting mix of turn-based and arcade fighting. The bitter priest will soon join the pantheon of antiheroes playing with hellfire – walking the same paths of the protagonists of the comic books Preacher and Hellblazer.

The Unholy Society will be released in Q2 of 2018. Players can already add it to their Steam wishlist:


  • A record number of funny references to horrors and pop culture
  • Exorcisms as unique hybrids of turn-based and arcade fighting
  • Comic-style graphics – with speech bubbles!
  • Probably the only game EVER where you can ask the pope for help

The Unholy Society:

  • What: Not too serious action adventure horror
  • Who: CATastrophe Games / published by Fat Dog Games
  • Where: PC, Mac, Linux (Steam)
  • When: Q2 of 2018

About Fat Dog Games:

Fat Dog Games is a game publisher based in Poland. A former mobile game developing company in the market since 2014, FDG now publishes games in international markets on Steam, mobile platforms, VR, and others.