51 Fiendish Ways To Leave Your Lover
by Lisa Mannetti
Illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne


“Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Yeah? Sez who?

If you prefer your vengeance served scalding hot with a side order of steaming gore "51 Fiendish Ways to Leave Your Lover" is the how-to guide you’ve been waiting for. Come on now. Vengeance has fueled some of the greatest plots in classic literature. Why should reality be any different?

Why hold back? Let’s face it – the world is full of ex-lovers, current lovers and soon-to-be-ex-lovers who soooo have it coming to them. Now you can spice your life up with a generous helping of venom, and forget all that “living well is the best revenge” malarkey. Revenge is the best revenge. Bram Stoker Award-winning author Lisa Mannetti’s hilarious guidebook (replete with helpful illustrations by the celebrated artist Glen Chadbourne) will walk you – step by step – through the ghoulishly delicious process of getting over, getting on and getting even.
What a marvelous blend of humor and horror, offering several ways to end a relationship that Paul Simon never thought of.
--Rick Hautala

“Macabre and raucous, tempered with the outre, the grotesque, and the hilarious, Mannetti and Chadbourne have commingled their unique skills to produce an unforgettable Gorey-esque wonderworld that continues to fascinate no matter how often you delve into it. It’s the genre’s ultimate coffee-table tome as well as a wicked showcase of dark entertainment.”

--Edward Lee, author of BLACK TRAIN and HEADER

"Do you like sick, bitter, twisted humor? Boy, have I got a book for you – 51 Fiendish Ways to Leave Your Lover is hilariously frightful and frightfully hilarious!"
--Robert Dunbar, author of "Martyrs & Monsters"

“Mannetti's latest reveals not only her acerbic wit, but her mordantly ebullient personality. This one is a keeper!”
--Tom Monteleone, author of M.A.F.I.A. And SERPENTINE

* * * * *

51 FIENDISH WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER by Lisa Mannetti & Illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne; Bad Moon Books; 2010; 117 pgs; $15.95

Fresh off winning the Stoker award for Best First Novel last year, Lisa Mannetti gives both the horror world and romantically challenged, a fun, dark romp which serves as great therapy for anyone who has dated someone who might serve humanity better by sleeping six feet underground.   We’ve all been there. We’ve all wanted to dish out demonic, sick, disturbingly funny yet wholly satisfying “remedies” to our ex-lovers tore our souls out and beat the living hell out of them with our hearts.  Mannetti gives us a little fantasy time here.

P.D. Cacek opens the volume with a foreword and poem, “To My Love,” which sets the tone.  Mannetti sounds like she’s been there and survived, with a few scars, in her introduction.  The line, “A little healthy venom – dispensed by you – is a good thing” sums up the 51 ways to use your “inalienable right” to “send the monstrosity packing.”

As for the details of the “fiendish ways,” I won’t kill any of the surprise, as each will tickle the funny, yet evil bone we all have (either inside us or taken from someone who turned just a little psycho on us or left us in the cold – yeah, I felt her pain – big time).  Let’s just say that voodoo, dildos, leprosy, and funerals are all fair game here.

As for the illustrations, Glenn Chadbourne displays his mastery on all 51 ways.  For those unfamiliar with his work, check it out on the amazing Secretary Of Dreams (the Stephen King graphic collection) and special editions by Joe Lansdale, Ray Garton, Rick Hautala, Chris Golden, and James Moore.  If Mannetti’s words don’t elicit a chuckle or shiver, Chadbourne’s illustrations surely will.

Highly recommended for anyone who has ever felt the burn of a scorched heart and wished to deal with that bitch/bastard in a totally legal fantasy world.  Mine will be worn out in no time.

-- Dave Simms

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